My name is T Passwater. I am a second-year PhD student at Syracuse University

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

This blog is a repository of notes, reflections, and responses to my entry into the field of rhetoric and composition as a scholar and instructor. This public archive traces where my inquiries have taken me throughout my studies in a way that I hope invites feedback and conversation into this collection. This is a collection that is scattered, disparate, and incomplete; the objects it contains are drafts, unpolished, and yet seek to be used in new ways. The project of this blog may then be to bring about conversation that uses the separateness and incompleteness of the collected objects to find out the junctures where they meet and the possibilities of such a collection.

This blog also houses my growing professional documents, such as my CV and teaching philosophy. These documents are in no way static or isolated. I invite you to look about my materials and interact with the documents therein.

While I am still only just beginning my work and exploring, I tend to bring with me my own identities and theoretical/epistemological orientations. While these manifest in different ways, they most notably are present in my disposition to queer rhetorics. Through my work as a scholar and an instructor, I hope to echo Allen Ginsberg’s call in “America”: America I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.

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