Notes: José Muñoz, “Ghosts of Public Sex: Utopian Longings, Queer Memories” in Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity

Muñoz, José E. (2009). Ghosts of public sex: Utopian longings, queer memories. in Cruising utopia: The then and there of queer futurity. New York: New York University Press, 33-48.


Muñoz traces the ghosts within queer life and writing of HIV/AIDS and how these ghosts might help us reimagine the social.

Keywords: Queer, Queer Theory, Queer Futurity


“[U]topia offers us a critique of the present, of what is, by casting a picture of what can and perhaps will be” (35).

“Utopianism can only exist via critique of the dominant order; it has no space to exist outside of the most theoretically safeguarded abstractions” (39).

“Queer world-making, then, hinges on the possibility to map a world where one is allowed to cast pictures of utopia and to include such pictures in any map of the social” (40).

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