Notes: David Sibley, “Introduction” in Geographies of Exclusion

Sibley, David. (1995). Introduction. in Geographies of exclusion. New York: Routledge.


David Sibley introduces a theoretical framework for raising questions of exclusion within human geography.

Keywords: Geography, Human Geography, Capital, Space, Place


Nicholson, Linda J. (1990). Feminism/Postmodernism. London: Routledge.


“Because power is expressed in the monopolized of space and the relegation of weaker groups in society to less desirable environments, any text on social geography of advanced capitalism should be concerned with the question of exclusion” (ix).

“Human geography, in particular, should be concerned with raising consciousness of the domination of space in its critique of hegemonic culture” (x).

“To get beyond the myths which secure capitalist hegemony, to expose oppressive practices, it is necessary to examine the assumptions about inclusion and exclusion which are implicit in the design of spaces and places” (x).

“One part of the problem, then, is to identify forms of socio-spatial exclusion as they are experienced and articulated by the subject groups” (x).

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