Notes: David Sibley, “Images of Difference” in Geographies of Exclusion

Sibley, David. (1995). Images of difference. in Geographies of exclusion. New York: Routledge.


Keywords: Geography, Human Geography, Visual Culture, Imagery and Imaginary


“Stereotypes play an important part in the configuration of social space because of the distanciation in the behaviour of social groups… and because of the way in which group images and place combine to create landscapes of exclusion” (14).

“Verbal and visual images which have their source in the idea of defilement shade into those which represent the body as less than perfect” (19).

“the social self could also be seen as a place-related self, and this applies also to stereotypes of the other which assume negative or positive qualities according to whether the stereotyped individual or group is ‘in place’ or ‘out of place'” (19).

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