Notes: David Sibley, “Feelings About Difference” in Geographies of Exclusion

Sibley, David. (1995). Feelings about difference. in Geographies of exclusion. New York: Routledge.


Sibley discusses theories from psychoanalysis to object relations as they pertain to feelings of the other.

Keywords: Geography, Human Geography, Space, Place, Objects Psychoanalysis


Mead, George. (1934). Mind, self and society. Chicago: Chicago University Press.


“I want to start by considering people’s feelings about others because of the importance of feelings in their effect on social interaction, particularly in instances of racism and related forms of oppression… Who is felt to belong and not to belong contributes in an important way to the shaping of social space” (3).

“The concept of ‘the generalized other’ provides a means of spatializing the problem and producing what we might describe as an ecological account of the self, one which situates the self in a full social and cultural context” (9).

“The social positioning of the self means that the boundary between self and other is formed through a series of cultural representations of people and things which frequently elide so that the non-human world also provides a context for self-hood” (10).


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