Notes: Rebecca Rickly, “Making Sense of Making Knowledge”

Rickly, Rebecca. “Making Sense of Making Knowledge.”College Composition and Communication, vol. 64, 2012.


Keywords: Compostion, Rhetoric, Writing Studies, Research, Methodology, Methods, Feminist Rhetorics


Fleckenstein, Kristie, Clay Spinuzzi, Rebecca Rickly, and Carole Clark Papper. “The Importance of Harmony: An Ecological Metaphor for Writing Research.” College Composition and Communication 60.2 (2008): 388–419.

Law, John. After Method: Mess in Social Science Research. New York: Routledge, 2004.


“[A]pplying methods rigorously, yet contextually, aware of the constraints that local situations might include, and altering the application of the method in a manner that allows for rigor even if it means altering the method. In essence, the researcher follows the “spirit” of the method rather than the “letter” of the method” (225).

“I love the idea about looking at the assumptions behind methods and reality taken for granted. It’s how we should be articulating our methods, even those we borrow from other fields, if we are to make them our own” (227).

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